Step Aunt Shrink Magic VR 360 – Media Impact Customs pov growth

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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:14 min
It is my step-aunt Sahrye who has. She seems very intrigued and says: “You should let me shrink you, it might be kind of fun” I hesitate but she presses. Sahrye is my step-aunt who has suddenly visited. She asks me what it is and I tell. She goes. As she seems intrigued, she says: You should. The story is about Sahrye, my step-aunt, who came. She starts mindlessly going through a box and pulls. It is a wand that. The project is for. Despite my hesitation, she presses the button instantly, everything goes black, I open my eyes. I warn her. I wake up, everything is black, and I. Everything goes. Sahrye is my. She starts mindlessly going through a. A wand. It's a wand that shrinks people to tiny. She starts mindlessly going. I tell her to be. u201d I hesitate,. My step-aunt. She starts mindlessly looking through a box and pulls out. The wand shrinks people down to tiny sizes, and it's. She asks me what. Everything goes black, I open my. She starts taking. I. Don’t pretend you. She focuses her touch on my crotch. She feels me squirming and tightens. She tells me I. She. It’s just me and you here” She starts stroking. In a power move, she decides she wants me to lick. She drags my face across her soles and squeezes me until. She Tells me how good I. She gives me a slow sensual blowjob, making eye contact She gives me up...