Lucy O Controlled by Kaa 4K – GG Fetish Media a

Lucy O Controlled by Kaa 4K - GG Fetish Media aTo find more videos from
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Studio:GG Fetish Media
Length:13 min
alter her behavior. Kaas eyes pulsate three times, and Lucys eyes pulse as well. She is programmed to strip and obey the commands of her master without question. No nudity is allowed. A video of Kaa is used by her boyfriend to convince Lucy to strip at the club. It is impossible for Lucy to resist the pulsating colors of Kaas eyes. Lucys eyes pulse as well (3 times), as if conditioned to become a stripper and not question her masters commands. Nudity is forbidden. To control Lucy and change her behavior, her boyfriend uses a video of Kaa to convince her to strip at the club. Kaas eyes pulsate three times as Lucys. Lucy must become a stripper and refuse to question her masters commands. No nudity. She cant...