Tickling betrayal: Maya's despair (FHD) – Bondagio i lotion / oil fetish

Tickling betrayal: Maya's despair (FHD) - Bondagio i lotion / oil fetishTo find more videos from
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Length:27 min
be a producer interested in a video project. Intrigued but cautious, they agreed to meet at a quaint café.  As they entered the café, a tall man with an air of confidence stood up, waving them over.   He greets them and presents a video idea that will help to earn some money. Tom would have to tickle Maya.   Mayas eyes widened in surprise.  Tom saw the apprehension in her eyes. He knew how ticklish she was, but he also understood how much they needed this money. We need money, babe.  Maya bit her lip, conflicted. As a conversation goes guys try to convince her, and eventually she says yes. But absolutely no nudity.  They get her to sign a contract and NDA, she notices it gives Tom full control of the tickling length/intensity etc. It’s concerning, but the deal is a deal.  Once back at the studio, guys are completing tying Maya to the cross. Her wrists, elbows, waist, knees, ankles are strapped down. The more she gets tied, the more she starts to get nervous.   After the job is done Tom starts enquiring about how he could get more money for the shoot. Turns out brutal nude videos for a private collector cost more and the producer would pay any amount.   The couple really needs these money, so the boyfriend decides to cut Maya’s clothes off and the other ticklers enter the room. The girl is scared, they didn’t say anything about another person!   They all proceed to tickle the living fuck out of her with fingers. Feet, breasts, ribs, all at the same time. It’s exhausting, since Maya hates being tickled, but after adding oil in the middle to make her more sensitive, she realizes that it wasn’t so bad at the beginning.   She’s...