STACEY PART 2 feat AstroDomina (HD MP4) – AstroDomina mental domination domination

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on the ground and shove her little face right in her ass. She informs her shes going to be turning her into her new butt plug, so shes going to have to get used to having her head shoved up Sydneys ass. To prove it to her, she ties her to her ass. Staceys face is now stuck right up against Sydneys asshole and theres nothing she can do about it! Well, Sydney thinks its time for bed.. so she heads into bed for the night with her poor fart slave stuck in her precarious position. It turns out to be a very long night for Stacey.. hopeless strapped with her face in Sydneys ass, she can do nothing to move or get away, and of course as usual Sydney is especially gassy. For hours and hours Stacey is made to smell her raunchy farts as they go off all night. Every time shes about to drift off, Sydney lets another one rip. Its a long first night for the little fart slave! The next morning, Sydney decides its time for even more torments. And the torments definitely continue as she decides to have another session using her as her personal butt plug, nearly shoving her head in her asshole. There isnt a second that Stacey isnt totally covered in Sydneys farts. She even sits on her while shes browsing the web and look, she found a story about missing Stacey! She reads her the news and apparently there were search parties even sent out for her. Of course,...