Rejection Arousal Conditioning For Rejection Junkies brat girls rejection

Rejection Arousal Conditioning For Rejection Junkies brat girls rejectionRejection Arousal Conditioning For Rejection Junkies brat girls rejectionTo find more videos from
Humiliation POV
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Studio:Humiliation POV
Length:8 minutes
you. All of this time spent jerking off alone has completely broken you. Your cock and your mind have forever been corrupted. You will be rejected by women over and over again, and then youll see those same girls out on dates with other guys like probably the very next day lol. And Im about to condition you and manipulate your weak brain to make you feel more and more inferior so that cycle of rejection by women will continue for you. I want the intensity of rejection to grow inside of you, every time you try and approach a girl. But heres the best part, every time you get rejected, your cock is going to get hard. LOL! And this will only make you more awkward and soon you will crave rejection as it will become your only sexual turn on lol. Rejection is your porn. Rejection is your sex. Rejection is the only thing that you know, so it makes you hard. Soon youll start jerking off like an idiot every time a hot girl rejects you. Because it is at this moment that you will feel true humiliation. This isnt some video, no, this is your real life. The only way a girl would show interest in you is if she sees she can use and manipulate you and turn you into a mindless idiot for her. And this too will make your cock hard and you will start to masturbate like a fucking idiot. I will reprogram you to go soft whenever youre about to try and be normal and have sex. Youre so fucked. Im going to turn you into a rejection junkie. You will need it to get aroused. Youre just so pathetic, you cant escape what you are. Thanks to my reprogramming the only way you will get hard around a hot girl is when she rejects you. But dont worry, rejection is all you will receive from girls. Its...