Lucie, Katka and their sweaty socks 6K VR360 socks barefeet

Lucie, Katka and their sweaty socks 6K VR360 socks barefeetLucie, Katka and their sweaty socks 6K VR360 socks barefeetTo find more videos from
Winzlings Shrinking Clips
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Studio:Winzlings Shrinking Clips
Length:28 minutes
vast fabric landscape. You feel faint your heart pounds with terror - and just before you black out, you notice the ironic word on the beds comforter:little.You wake up at the base of their bed, with the two girls socked feet in your face. Lucie wears salmon-pink coloured socks while Katka wears grey. Both are dirty, and seem to have light stains on the bottom of them. You thought the smell in your cage was overwhelming but now it saturates every pore of your minuscule being. One by one, they remove their socks, throwing them beside you laughing with all the enthusiasm of girls at a sleepover.Now, you will clean their feet - Lucie especially loves pressing her foot directly into your tiny body. Lucie has a glossy red pedicure, while Katka has a turquoise shade just outlining the tips of her toenails. Your foot-cleaning experience is interrupted by near-constant laughing and the occasional jab.Enjoy... our smell is your food.- Katka.Katka leaves to get something and Lucie takes advantage of her time alone with you to shove you into her cleavage. Shes a little startled when Katka returns, pulling you from between her mountainous breasts -We were just playing...Katka genuinely doesnt care what Lucie was doing with you, and shows that she brought in a bowl of snacks. Cheese crackers which vaguely have the appearance of tiny people. They take turns playfully eating the crackers. I can eat you like this. Lucie annihilates the cracker between her teeth - the contours of her lips glisten in the evening light streaming through the window.Lucie brings you back to her breasts, no longer caring if Katka sees. Not to be left out, Katka lifts her top and both girls play with you pressing you beneath and between their boobs.Satisfied with their play, they set you in the snack bowl. Katka lifts a handful of the massive crackers, carelessly sprinkling them on top of you youre hit and momentarily black out.The topless women look down at their snack bowl, deciding what to do with you.Do you want to eat him?They take turns pretending...