Tyler Wrecks His Mouth: 4K HD – Reality Girls Scissors wrestling mixed wrestling

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Studio:Reality Girls Scissors
Length:10 min
of her pink chucks flash against the cheerleaders cruelty and the suffering of the sub beneath her as she rams her Size 8 pink sneakers into his mouth, clearly hurting him as, a small number of times, he drops his head and seems to scream silently as Tyler waits so briefly to hurt him again, ordering him to open his mouth and jamming her shoe back deep into it. She laughs and smiles her brilliant smile, laughs her evil laugh as her cruelty explodes, taunting him as she gags him with her shoe over and over -- grabbing the back of his bald head and driving her shoe deeper into his ruined face. To relieve his suffering briefly, she sticks the soles of the shoes in his face and orders him to lick the ground I walk on. Tyler Lynn, the beauty, the addiction, the cheerleader with the hateful side looks down at him -- telling him to open up again, telling him he loves it and again pulling his head as he retches and she laughs at his eyes rolling back from the pressure, saying how its probably because hes just enjoying it that much. One shoe squeaks as she rams the other into his mouth, calling him pathetic and laughing, asking again if hes going to cry as he...