Lucie the giant Teacher 6K VR360 virtual reality vr360

Lucie the giant Teacher 6K VR360 virtual reality vr360Lucie the giant Teacher 6K VR360 virtual reality vr360To find more videos from
Winzlings Shrinking Clips
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Studio:Winzlings Shrinking Clips
Length:22 minutes
to drop she knows! Youre saved! ooo I broke your leg... poor guy. She leans over you with a look of regret. Im so sorry... I need to finish you. If someone ever found out she broke a students leg or that she let a student lick her toes - shed lose her job, for sure. You feel the adrenaline pulse through your heart you need to run, but no convincing could enable your body an ounce of movement... and you know, that even if it could it would make no difference at this size. If only you could be a grasshopper with its ability to leap high into the air there might be some measurable chance of escape. She sits on the chair and thinks for a moment before putting her left heel on. You will finish under my shoe... Im so sorry. She lifts her heel above you. The fine horizontal lines of her heel get closer and closer until... *squish* She picks up the crushed body of her former student (in color-altered POV), gently discarding of it in the garbage can. Themes: giantess, barefoot, feet, heels, crush, POV, upskirt, Lucie, VR, VR 360, high heels, blonde, teacher, apologetic crush Language: English (fine!), some Czech Camera: Insta...