Sahrye Growing Out Of Room – Media Impact Customs giantess special effects giantess

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the gym leggings get tight on you, and you notice your feet get tight in the shoes as well. As your leggings start ripping and shredding, you moan in pain Mostly looking for a clip of Sahrye where you just got back home from the Gym and your head has been hurting you, you take some pills but the pills only make it worse as you start to feel really dizzy and soon your body feels sour as you begin to start feeling your gym tank top get tight around your boobs you feel the shoulder straps dig into your skin your gym leggings also get tight on you and you feel your feet getting tight in your shoes. You moan in pain as your leggings start to rip and shred and your scared breathing heavy as you get taller, the backs of your heals pop out the back of your sneakers and the front of your toe box of your shoes Heavy breathing as your breasts grow bigger and destroy your tank top right before your eyes. Your leggings shred more as your ass destroys them! Soon you are down to just your long socks and your underwear, Your breathing is heavy begging for this to stop. Your bra shoulder straps get tight again as well as your back strap, They pop off one at a time and then you moan in displeasure no as your panties ride up your giant ass and...