Sushii Xhvyette: Diapered Forever – MP4 HD – HFG Multimedia foodee feederism

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be doing everything in a diaper from now on. Sushii is on to you. She knows youve been up to no good and that you have been cheating on her! She doesnt want a divorce, she wants revenge. She has decided that to keep you from cheating on her again, shes going to put you into diapers- forever! Sushii orders you to the floor and begins to put you in your first-ever diaper as she humiliates you for your small dick and sexual shortcomings. As she diapers you, she explains that from here on out youll be doing everything in your diaper. Anything and everything that comes out of you goes into your diaper. Doesnt matter if its waste or cum, its going in the diaper. Once diapered, you piss your diaper. SushiiXhyvette then encourages you to fully use your diaper. Then she gives you a humiliating diaper change. You can look forward to a lifetime of these embarrassing diaper changes- youre going to remain...